Day 8 – Old Fashioned Intervals and a Question

After yesterday’s obstacle course I was looking forward to a normal run this morning with my running partner.  Normal in the loosest sense of the word because we decided to do some intervals.  This is the advantage/disadvantage of running with someone, by ourself we probably wouldn’t do the session but of course together the excuses sound lame!  Not being hugely experienced in this we ran to a local park and found a long straight flattish bit to run along.  Brilliant!  Not only did we actually do it, but because we were about the same speed the competition side made sure that we put the same effort in each rep.  Really good session.  The slight side effect is now I would like to have a snooze, somehow I don’t see me being able to persuade the little ones of that.

Question for you, does anyone run in Nike Free trainers and what do they think of them?  I currently run in Newtons after discovering I’m a forefoot runner, but they are a little pricey(very good though) and I’ve already worn away the lugs at the front.  I like the idea of training my foot to stabilise itself however I won’t be barefoot running, especially around here!

Day 8

Distance: 3.52 miles

Time: 31 mins 57 seconds

Best Interval….0.17 mile at 5.42 min/miles according to my Garmin!?!(not really sure that was reading correctly)