Day 7 – The Dressing Gown Dash

Ok so doing Juneathon without running everyday is strangely more difficult than if I was trying to run each day.  I decided to go into this without putting pressure on myself or my OH and actually I think that it would be easier to be trying to run each day!!  Go figure!!

Today’s exercise is difficult to fit in, OH leaves at 6am and I am just not a morning person, just can’t do the getting up before 7am let alone 6am!  So enough excuses, what will today’s exercise be………?

To make up for time and distance I though I’d add entertainment value, the dressing gown dash obstacle course.  Over the train as suggested by runforthequiet , obstacles rearranged as suggested by Maggiee and at the end of each week I’ll do it again to see if I can improve the time.  I probably won’t invite the neighbours(they already think I’m fairly crazy) but I will have to find a witness…….  Loved the mankini idea by runningman856 but luckily I’m not a man so I’m saved from that suggestion.

The course was to be as follows, over the train, bounce on the trampoline, round the chair, use the golf club to hit the ball into the goal, back on the scooter and over the train to finish.  Naturally I got the little ones to test it first….

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Then it was my turn…..


Oh no the picture doesn’t seemed to have worked, shame!

Day 7

Distance: 118 ft

Time: 2 mins 25 secs

(5 times round to celebrate Juneathon’s 5th year)