Day 4 – Round the Garden

So not many takers for Comrades then!? Not sure I’d actually sign up, but it does sound amazing.

It’s my course this weekend and while for Janathon I did crazy things like run home from the station with my rucksack and coat, (not advisable) and get up very early and run before my course(I’m soo not a morning person), this time I thought I’d just walk home. That should count, hopefully?

So I walked home,


blog finished,

um that’s interesting………

Feeling like I hadn’t made enough of an effort, I ran round the garden


Maybe tomorrow I’ll do it in my dressing gown like notmuchofarunner and jogblog, if they don’t mind having their idea borrowed?  Maybe we should see how many of the Juneathoners are willing to run around their garden in a dressing gown?

Day 4

Distance: 3 ft

Time: 15 secs

Actually that’s quite embarrassing!