Day 2 – Crocodiles and Daisy Chains

So its half term and thus today’s exercise(as my OH is boozing tonight) will be with the little ones. Could run around the garden or up and down my hall(both fab ideas from Janathon) however I live in London so both could become tedious very quickly. During Janathon I took the little ones for a scooter while I jogged with them, would it work again?

9.30am we set off with scooters, drinks, snacks and my garmin.  I thought we’d record the distance I actually ran i.e. the distance the little ones were able to scoot fast enough that would benefit me breaking out of a walk.

We headed off to a local park that I had run round but never taken the kids, no reason its pretty close but for some reason we always went to the other one.  Fantastic green space and enough woodland to make it exciting.  It took just under 10 mins to get there and we left to head home about 12.  This was mostly because I was getting hungry!

I love this age, we spent ages looking for crocodiles in between the trees, my son is definite he spotted 10 and naturally there were loud screeches from my daughter for each one, then we moved on to spotting ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Maid Marion’ and the inevitable daisy chains which usually take longer to make than they last.  Although I’m not sure how much longer my son will wear a daisy chain!

Anyway I digress as this is nothing about running.  So all in all I managed 15 mins of actual running and 1.5 miles and probably a further mile of exploring!

What a fabulous day!

Day 2

Distance: 1.5 miles

Time: 15 mins 15 secs