Day 1 – Finally Decided!

Monday was the Bupa 10k where I got to meet some of the lovely Janathoners abradypusfortnightfloshazruns, fairweatherrunner and plustenner
beforehand.  I was unusually calm but this was probably due to lack of training so decided to join shazruns in her pen.  We seemed to be waiting for ages so I was very pleased for the company.  It was a very well organised race, good commentators, minimal queues, I would definitely do it again.

The race itself demonstrated my lack of training recently.  I started with shazruns determined to run 9 min/miles and help her to 56 mins but by about 3 km I was finding the pace difficult, many excuses but basically there was nothing in my legs.
I did a pb last October of 50.44 but due to lots of reasons I have been training less recently including a break of about month and half.  So the lesson I learnt from Monday was whatever I was doing last year was good and I guess I have to build it up again.  Slightly frustrating but I guess this is just part of the challenges of running.

So to Juneathon………and I’ve spent the day debating, to join or not, well most of the week in fact and I did leave the girls on Monday by saying I was doing it but at 9.50pm I’m still not sure.  I suppose I don’t want to do it half-heartedly but I know that this time that is all I can fit in.

Decision time, I’ll give it a go after all it’s the taking part that counts.  I’ll plan to do some exercise each day(do giving massages and chasing children count?) and we’ll see how it goes…….


Day 1

Distance: 3.08 miles

Time: 30 mins 37 secs