Monthly Archive: June, 2011

Day 30 – Juneathon Complete!!

Guests are still here, another ‘loo’ entry!! So together with a total of 6 additional children to my own I haven’t managed to run today! What an ideal day for the dishwasher to… Continue reading

Day 29 – So Nearly There!!!!!

Such fantastic work everyone!!! Needs to be a quickie tonight as I have guests and have disappeared to the ‘loo’ to do this……… I slotted in a run this morning, 2.69 miles in… Continue reading

Day 27 & 28 Tired

Oh my word I’m tired! Day 27 completed 2.63 miles in 26 min 28 secs + 1 hour Pilates. Day 28 completed 3.01 miles in 30 min 10 secs. Hope everyone is enjoying… Continue reading

Day 26 – What a Beautiful Hot Day!

What a gorgeous day!  It was hot at 10 when I headed over to meet my friend to run the Epsom Race for Life.  The race was due to start at 11am and… Continue reading

Day 25 – Busy Day

Unusual I realise but today has been particularly busy so a quick one while the little ones(and the ones for a sleepover) watch tv, just in case I end up having a busy… Continue reading

Day 24 – Sports Day

It was very lovely to be missed, thank you everyone! Today it was my eldest’s sports day.  It was very cute in a completely non-competitive way!  Everything is done in teams and if… Continue reading

Day 23 – Did you miss me?

I have realised something recently, I’m not soo good at multi-tasking.  I know I’m a woman and I should be able to do this but over the last few days I just haven’t… Continue reading

Day 19 – Big Floating Balls

It’s such a good thing that I couldn’t really type on my iPhone yesterday otherwise the blog could have been very gushing!(I’m generally a happy drunk!).  Um yes runtezza there were no typos,… Continue reading

Day 18-Slightly Tipsy!

Definitely happened but it’s been a busy day so I’m doing this in a cab on my way home. Had a fab night oh yes and I did 5 miles this morning. Go… Continue reading

Day 17 – Multitasking

Um this is going to be a short one tonight, very sleepy…….my exercise happened today while walking two miles with a lovely friend who tested me on my anatomy.  So I exercised my… Continue reading