Disappeared off the end of the world……

Hello out there…….

Haven’t written for ages, at least 3 months, so I need a long list of excuses,

Sadly a close friend passed away and this caused a least a month’s shut down.

Coursework + children + coursework + school life + coursework + occasionally remembering I have a hubbie + coursework + even more terrible with my friends/blog must equal at least a month.

And then generally being cr@p will definitely be the excuse for the rest of the time!

To be fair I haven’t been running much, highlight in the last three months would be being allowed to go for a run after my shoulder injury and the low would be my disastrous Reading Half Marathon(well at least I finished).

So with just over 2 weeks until the 10k, am I prepared?  I wonder how much training I can do without injuring myself over the next couple of weeks?

Hope everyone is well….boy do I have a lot of blogs to catch up on!