Monthly Archive: May, 2011

One sleep to go……

One sleep to go and I’m beginning to realise what’s happening tomorrow. I’m really excited, getting my stuff ready and pinning my number on And I’m in the middle of the red section,… Continue reading

To Juneathon or not to Juneathon?

That is the question? Lots on including exams during June and my OH has not very politely informed me that I shouldn’t but there’s a part of me who just wants to say… Continue reading

4 Sleeps To Go

Soo lovely to get your comments, thank you.  I have missed the community of Janathon! Managed 3 runs last week, varying speeds, tried some ‘speed’ work but to be honest I’m going to… Continue reading

Disappeared off the end of the world……

Hello out there……. Haven’t written for ages, at least 3 months, so I need a long list of excuses, Sadly a close friend passed away and this caused a least a month’s shut… Continue reading