2nd Week Completed!

So last week I managed to successfully complete a week of Febulous and my long run of 10 miles.  Yippee!  And of course my parkrun, which my son has expressed an interest in doing, he’s 6, how cool is that?  I was impressed at how many children were doing it so maybe one sunny week…..

It’s been a manic and lovely week, received a huge bunch of flowers on Monday, very lucky girl and then dinner out on Tuesday.  My poor hubbie, after a couple of glasses I start to talk constantly and often its about running, especially at the moment.  He doesn’t run, he plays golf and he has no interest in running at all.  Could that be because of my constant conversation and he used to love it and I have worn him down?

Anyway this is supposed to be about running!

Wednesday morning I though I’d try Audiofuel’s Pyramid Interval Session.  I do good avoidance tactics when it comes to interval and hill training unless I’m doing it with someone so it was good to do a coached session.  Did the first 30 second interval and made that fatal mistake of thinking “ummm that was easy!”.  Although it was 22 minutes long it was a brilliant way to get a quick intense workout.

So tomorrow morning I plan on running 11 miles……….