A Wet One

What a lot of rain today!  My little girl does Playball after lunch and quite often I run while she does it.  Like shazruns my runs also often fit into my little people’s schedule!

It’s right by the common, so it’s a lovely run but I do then have to go to pick up my son in my running gear.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not in the slightest precious about this, but I wasn’t too sure I wanted to turn up in very wet running gear.  Eventually I decided to run anyway, although just around the corner I came across a dog walker with at least 6-8 dogs.  It’s a narrow path at the beginning so I stopped and said excuse me to get passed.  Maybe because of the rain the lady was grumpy but no smile, no sorry for taking up the WHOLE path, barely any acknowledgement! Pah, I kept going but then I found I was being chased by one of the dogs who then started jumping and barking at me.   I stopped and turned my back, not sure what else to do and luckily he lost interest because the lady was barely keeping control of the other dogs!

Ignoring that the rest of the run was lovely, albeit wet and muddy, and I was listening to Marathon Talk which is fab as usual and enjoying the peace.

I’m very disappointed that I won’t joining you guys on Saturday but unfortunately my hubbie has a prior arrangement.  I’m looking forward to hearing about the parkrun and how the Janathon catch up goes.  All the details please!!!

Oops I thought I’d published this!?!