I guess I’d better do some intervals!

Ok didn’t complete my first week of Febulous but to be honest I have been demanding ALL January.

“I have to go for a run”,

“I must fit in a run”,

“When can I go for a run?”,

so last week with my assignment not quite finished and a hubbie reaching breaking point, I thought I would not push my luck.  Don’t get me wrong, I still ran a couple of times and I’m back to normal this week but I find a week every now and again not mentioning running constantly helps…….I hope?

So new week and everyone seems to be doing intervals, so I thought I’d give them a go this morning.  Oh I have remembered why that’s not my favourite session, actually any effort out of the ordinary especially hills!  But I did 6 intervals of 2 mins fastish and then 30 secs bent over double.  Ugh.

Bupa London 10k is booked!  Found the ‘right’ time to ask and I’ve entered!  Good call shazruns.  Did you realise that you would actually get some takers?  And when you find the under 40 min schedule with minimal effort please let us know.

Febulous Stats:

1st week:

Runs 2

Long Run completed 1

Score according a formula I haven’t worked out yet……75(if out of 100 that’s not bad considering I only did half?  Maybe the long run counts for more?)