Assignment done

So why is it that everyone leaves assignments until the last minute?  Or in my case, at my age I know better and started it AGES ago but the morning before it is due I still have bits to finish!  Pah its done, printed and I’m not doing any more.

I did run yesterday although I wasn’t finished, I was missing it too much!  It felt like it was ages since I had run, a whole two days, isn’t that great and now I’m finished I’ll run later today.  Might even do some intervals……….

I went onto the Febulous site to log yesterday’s run and discovered I could count my run on Monday as part of this week(is that cheating?  It feels a little like I am?).  Result, the long run I did on Monday counts, yippee!  Very useful as I’m on my course this weekend and running just won’t happen.  This will cause a little problem as I have two more runs to do this week and one day to do them in, maybe I will try to fit one in?