Day 30-Exhausted!

Very, very tired today, must be the month adding up!

The kids looked so disappointed when I said I was going for a run this morning, that I decided that I would run while taking them to the park.  Bless them, they did really well although it was a cold day to do that kind of stop, start running but they looked so happy.  I could always warm up in the shower later and in front of the fire and under a blanket with a hot water bottle…….

Finally having warmed up and kids in bed I’ve logged my run and without really realising I’ve passed my 120 miles target.  I can’t believe it, the first time ever I will have done a negative split!

I must admit I’m a bit exhausted to appreciate it at the moment, but I’m sure tomorrow it will blow my mind.  Talking of blowing my mind, the mileages you guys have been doing are out of this world!  I’m completely in awe.  Thank you to everyone for being so inspiring!

Sleep time!

Todays Stats:

Distance: 3.1 miles

Time: 29 mins 7 secs

TOTAL MILES 120!!!!!!!