Day 29-Um no parkrun then

My lovely hubbie decided as I came to bed quite late(got distracted by reading blogs, again!) that I could have a lie in.  Such a cutie crept out and left me until 8.45, a lovely post children lie in.  However I hadn’t mentioned my potential idea to him as I had, had it while writing last nights blog and as you can see from the time there was no way I could get there in time.  No worries, a lie in is a very rare event so I pulled on my clothes(yes last night’s) and went out for a run.  Ooh sore stiff legs mostly because I didn’t stretch(very bad girl) and probably partly due to drinking wine instead of water as rehydration(even worse!).  Although an interesting fact from Marathon Talk yesterday, you could be disqualified from a marathon if you drank before 10 miles………who needs water anyway?!

So went out and headed up to the common, where I did a short loop before heading home.  I was listening to Marathon Talk again and again it was really interesting so I ended up running more than planned.

So what is ‘Febulous‘ asked abradypus?   You choose how many runs you are going to do each week and how long your long run is going to be and then you get scores on how close you are to hitting your target.  Sounds a little easier than Janathon!  It does of course mean that I’ll actually have to follow everyone’s brilliant advice and sort out a training plan…….

Any more diet tips asked lazybetty?  I like those two tips best from that article but another diet tip that I liked from the same article was “Leave a maximum of three hours between meals”  So I have a license to eat constantly, well it does say a maximum!?

Can’t believe we only have 2 days left!  Thank you soo much to Cathy for organising this and to whoever has had the dubious pleasure of having to read all my blogs!

Today’s Stats:

Distance: 6.08 miles

Time: 57 mins 22 secs