Day 28-Febulous?

Listened to Marathon Talk on my run today, brilliant!  Liking the idea of ‘Febulous’, anyone else interested?

I was pretty grumpy all day today so I really didn’t want to run and oddly enough, especially as we are so close, was actually contemplating not running!  Unbelievable!  But I dragged myself out there and it was a lovely run.  I just pottered along, listening to the podcast and having gone out to do the minimum ended up doing 6 miles!  This of course had a small knock on effect on the rest of my evening…..60 mins run instead of 20 will have that effect.  So that’s why I’m writing a particularly short and late blog.

My grumpy mood has definitely gone, partly the run and partly the ‘couple’ of glasses of wine!

Was thinking of trying my first parkrun tomorrow morning, I guess I’d better see how my head is?

Hope you all have a lovely night’s sleep!

Today’s Stats:

Distance: 6.3 miles

Time: 58 mins 17 secs