Day 27-The Answer

An easy, gentle one today.  I was running with a friend who is doing her first London Marathon this year but she has had some niggles with her foot so we went for an exploratory run(of her foot not the area, I know it far too well since doing Janathon).  It turns out she not only has the wrong shoes but also the wrong size!  So off she went this afternoon to get herself fitted at a reputable running shop, just goes to show……

Other than that, in my February edition of Runner’s World I found the answer to yesterdays question,”A daily glass of red wine can stop you putting on weight around your belly”  Yippee!!

Another weight-loss tip was “Grab a handful of peanuts a day”, personally I find it difficult just to have a few peanuts!  I suppose that the whole willpower side of things!

4 days to go guys……never thought I’d get this far.

Todays stats:

Distance: 2.15 miles

Time: 21 mins 05 secs

Total Janathon miles: 104.8

Miles to hit target: 15.2