Day 26-Red Wine, A Good Recovery Drink?

Today’s was always going to be a struggle to fit in (and to do after yesterday’s high) so I decided to hitch a lift back with my study friend to her house and run home.  I like those runs especially as once I’m dropped off there is nothing I can do except either get cold or run home(doesn’t work so well in the summer).  Just before I left I had a text from a friend saying that they would be in a pizzeria at about that time………um before Janathon would I have considered turning up to a restaurant, sweaty, straight from a run?  I like to think not but I found that I was not really considering but assuming I’d go straight from the end of my run!

So running back it started to rain.  Shall I still go?  Well at least they wouldn’t be able to tell I was really sweaty, just wet?  So I turned up very hot, looking like a drowned rat with a flourescent vest to a lovely restaurant where everyone had made an effort.  They were so surprised/shocked that I had run there, it was gone 9 and they had eaten by this stage, there was a lovely silence……..

Anyway they found me a glass of red which maybe I should have drunk after some water?

Can’t believe we’ve nearly done it, we are soo cool!

Todays Stats:

Distance: 2.6 miles

Time: 21 mins 56 secs