Day 24-Pilates

So after yesterday’s ‘wide awake’ run I hoped to wake up nice and refreshed…..or maybe not.  We were nearly all late for school as ‘Mummy’ couldn’t move her arse out of bed!  But we got there in time and then I met my friend for a recovery run.  Thank God for my friend, cause otherwise today’s run may well have been to the end of road, 24 days in a row appears to be taking its toll.  Anyway we did 3 miles chatting the whole time so it can’t have been that bad and so my 24th day of Janathon was complete, or so I thought………

For the last 4 years I have been doing Pilates on a Monday.  I can fully recommend it although I’m the first to admit I often don’t want to go but I do acknowledge the differences it has made over the years, so anyway tonight was the first session of the year, yippee!  This is where the oh dear came in, I ‘run’ to Pilates cause the parking is soo bad that I would end up walking back from Pilates as that would be where the closest parking space would be and a kind lady drops me home.  So I ran the mile or so to Pilates……normally that’s fine but tonight I believe my legs demonstrated a new version of heavy!  Nevertheless I ran there, so I have another mile to add to my total!

Unfortunately the teacher didn’t turn up!

Good work everyone, we’re nearly there!

Today’s Stats:

Distance: 3.1 + 1.2 = 4.3 miles

Time: 30.48 + 10.45 = 41 mins approximately

1st cross training of the month:

Pilates = 45 mins(well we thought as we’d turn up we’d better do something!)

Number of times I used the word ‘so’ = far too many!!!