Day 23-Umm very tired!

Thank you very much for your suggestions yesterday.  I shall be looking them all up over the next couple of days to give me a new focus come February and maybe actually follow a schedule instead of winging it!

Very tired today as you can see from the title.  The little ones I had for a sleepover were beautifully behaved even though they got up a little early and then we went for a lovely long sunday lunch with some life-long friends, which was long and lazy and lots of food.  You can imagine that I wasn’t too interested in running when I got home.  So procrastinating occurred and I decided to use cakeofgoodhope’s brilliant excuse generator.  Needless to say I left the house to go for a run!  However I unfortunately thought I’d eat a chocolate roll as an energy boost before I left………not the best decision I’ve ever made.  About 100m down the road I discovered that it may have been a mistake and this thought kept reoccurring fairly regularly.

The first mile felt very long but as I warmed up I didn’t feel soo bad, I even added an extra mile on the end but I must admit now I’ve stopped…zzzz…..zzz….zz

Going to try to stay awake long enough to read some of your blogs………zzz

Today’s Stats:

Distance: 4.54 miles

Time: 43 mins 57 secs……….zzzzzzzz