Day 22-A Question

Where as I would do a short recovery run today(round the block) to complete my aim I set off for my 3 miles.  I’m quite pleased/surprised that my legs managed to do it after yesterday’s long run, obviously my body is more capable in some ways than I think.  Which brings me onto a general question for everyone……

Which website do you go to for a training schedule and do you actually follow it?  Which then follows the question do you complete your aim if you don’t follow it?

For example I’ve looked at the runners world schedules for half marathon and there seems to be a large amount of mileage and running 5 days a week, which under normal circumstances is difficult for me to fit in.

Anyways any thoughts appreciated.

Meanwhile totally un-Janathon related, I have my friends little ones over for a sleep over tonight(hoping for a post 6 wake up call!) and one of them has the best Wii playing position….

Todays Stats:

Distance: 4.14 miles

Time: 40 mins 26 secs