Day 21-Much Better Day

Thank you so much to everyone’s comments yesterday which definitely cheered me up.  They have been much more angelic today, helped by the fact that my hubbie was home early and I went off for a run!

We have a busy weekend ahead so no long run this weekend so I thought I’d try to get it in today.  10 miles along the river and through the common with a friend who was also lucky enough to have friday afternoon off.  Beautiful day, cold but once we were running you don’t notice it.  I wouldn’t have done this route by myself because it’s quiet so it was lovely to be able to do it.

We started in the common and then headed for the river.  The river was so high in places that we had to run through the river, um wet, cold, oh so clean, river water!  At least it ‘cleaned’ my muddy shoes.  Then back through Richmond Park as the sun was setting was unbelievable, why didn’t I run with a camera?  But by the time we go back to the common it was dark and we were suddenly unsure whether the car park closed when it got dark……ops that could add a couple of miles onto our run, not to mention slightly annoyed other halves.  Didn’t like running through the common in the dark, even with company so I was pleased when we got back to the car park, and the gate was still open.

Having had no plan until now as to what I was going to run each day, you may think I’m joking but no its true, I thought I’d better look at my mileage and my broadcast aim of 120 miles.  Should be doable provided I don’t do any more round the block runs!  I have two 10 milers planned, today was one of those and then an average of 3 miles a day should do it.  120 miles here I come!!

I’m really enjoying Janathon but I’m not sure my hubbie is……..together with my running, blogging, reading the fabulous blogs and my studying, um better go and pay him some attention!

Todays Stats:

Distance: 10.39 miles

Time: 1 hour 34 mins 37 secs

Total Janathon Miles 83.9(unbelievable!!!!)