Day 17-Running Backwards

Ok I didn’t run my whole run backwards, in fact it was only a tiny part, about 1/4 mile at the end, but I thought as I was doing all this running forwards maybe I’d try backwards.

I did a tempo run tonight, I translate that as warm up, then run at a pace you can just about cope with (with the obligatory grimace) and then try really hard not to walk for the cool down.  Then I got to the end of my road and there is a straight pathway, well lit, to a bridge and I thought why not!?  There was no-one coming and only lampposts to run into.  So I ran to the bridge and back, backwards.  It was pretty tough actually especially not being able to see and my legs really hurt, which also surprised me.  But when I turned around to run down my road(can’t have the neighbours thinking I’m any more mad than they already do) it was soo much easier.  Maybe I’ll put that into my warm up for races(implying I have one) run backwards first.

Todays Stats:

Distance: 4.72 miles

Time: 41 mins 27 secs