Day 14-Cute picture

Congratulations to everyone for nearly reaching halfway!!

Personally today was a difficult one.  Very tired with heavy legs and the last thing I wanted to do this evening was go for a run but as my hubbie came home early, so I could run(and we could then spend the evening together, this is kind of taking over a bit!) I forced my bottom out of the door.

I literally ran around the block and a plus point was I didn’t even break a sweat!  So therefore not too much to talk about today and no pictures drawn although thanks to theirisheye and Dee I can display yesterday’s drawing more clearly….

and I thought I’d show you a picture of my little ones with their fabulous umbrellas which makes the rain much more fun!

Well done again to everyone for getting this far.  We can do it!

Todays stats:

Distance: 1.1 miles

Time: 10 mins 20 secs