Day 10-A Smilie Attempt

Oooh it was a struggle to get up this morning!  I’m enjoying this challenge and I’m amazed that I’ve run 10 days in a row but this morning was tough.  On the plus side my littlest was going back to pre-school so I was going to finally be able to run in the daylight, yippee, but I still found myself procrastinating and grumbling…….

Eventually I left and today’s challenge was to try to draw a smilie with my GPS.

So off I headed to the local football pitches, to give it a go.  If you need a way to cheer yourself up, try doing a smilie on the playing fields!  The initial circle was easy enough and then I stopped my watch and walked to some goal posts which looked like they maybe in the correct place for an eye.  I started the watch again to do the eye.  I was laughing my head off(I’m sure I looked as silly as I felt!) as I ran around the goal posts in ever decreasing circles to attempt to ‘fill’ the eye in.  Then I stopped the watch again to go over to the next eye, another circle and then I tried to create a smile.  By this time there were a couple of dog walkers watching in astonishment and I was grinning broadly.  My bad mood had totally gone!  Nearly went home there and then to see if it had worked but I had planned a slightly longer route which I finished, still smiling every time I thought about it.  So had it worked?

The initial map that comes up when you log your details was disappointing, it looked more like pacman than a smilie but then I took the map option……..

It made me smile!  I hope it makes you smile.

Todays Stats:

Distance: 4.1 miles

Time: 38 mins 45 secs

Total Miles in Janathon………37 miles!