Day 7-Reached 30 miles!!

Very excited, reached 30 miles!

Really didn’t want to go today.  Feeling tired and rotten and it didn’t look as though I wouldn’t get lucky with the rain again, but hubbie came home and I got my gear on.

Looked at the rain, cleared the kitchen, looked at the rain, checked my watch had enough battery, looked at the rain, checked my ipod had enough battery, looked at the rain, checked my emails…..ok you get the general idea.  Finally I decided to go for it and who would have believed it, it had stopped.  Obviously it will now rain everytime I run from here on in.

So 1st week over of my 1st Janathon.  A lot of 1sts this week, 1st Janathon, 1st blog and today I thought I’d try my 1st tweet.  Not really sure what all the # and @ signs mean but I’m sure I’ll work it out……..(you wouldn’t believe pre-children I worked in IT)

Well done to everyone for completing the 1st week and I am very much enjoying all of the blogs, they are fantastic! Bring it on!

Today Stats:

Distance: 6 miles

Time: 57 mins 12 secs

Janathon Total: 30 miles!!!!!