Day 6-Lucky Day

How lucky am I?! Having watched the rain ALL day it stopped just in time for my run. I don’t mind running in the rain but it was lovely that I wasn’t going to. 6 days in and 6 days run, that’s a 1st for me, brilliant.

Another short one in the dark today around the ‘long’ block with not much to mention except the growing number of christmas trees which are changing my run into an obstacle course.  However during my walk with my little girl yesterday(yesterday’s blog was from my phone hence no formatting and no picture), she spotted a car with antlers which we thought was cute/odd.  Although I did have to explain, what are antlers and why did the car have them…..?  Slightly easier than the why is the sky blue question earlier……..


Today’s stats:
Distance: 1.6 miles
Time: 15 mins