Day 5-A Late One

My first of many late ones this evening. Well its the
latest I’ve gone out for a run. I remember coming back from a
night out not so long ago to see someone running…… I did
mention doing the same as yesterday to my little ones, no interest
shown but it would have been pushing my luck to manage that 2 days
running. Anyway once my hubbie was home and all work was done
I got my colleague to take me back to her house, a couple of miles
away and then I ran home. I thought that would be the best
way to get my run in. It worked perfectly, 2.5 miles done
without too much bother! It was strangely quiet on the roads
and pavements, although lots of empty taxis?! Todays Stats:
Distance: 2.25 miles Time: 20 mins 47 secs However the disadvantage
of a late run, is the late blog so I apologise if this doesn’t make
much sense and rambles a bit.