Monthly Archive: January, 2011

Day 31-Janathon Completed!

We did it guys! Did I think it was possible to run 31 days in a row?  Not in the slightest! Did I think I could write for 31 days in a row?… Continue reading

Day 30-Exhausted!

Very, very tired today, must be the month adding up! The kids looked so disappointed when I said I was going for a run this morning, that I decided that I would run… Continue reading

Day 29-Um no parkrun then

My lovely hubbie decided as I came to bed quite late(got distracted by reading blogs, again!) that I could have a lie in.  Such a cutie crept out and left me until 8.45,… Continue reading

Day 28-Febulous?

Listened to Marathon Talk on my run today, brilliant!  Liking the idea of ‘Febulous’, anyone else interested? I was pretty grumpy all day today so I really didn’t want to run and oddly… Continue reading

Day 27-The Answer

An easy, gentle one today.  I was running with a friend who is doing her first London Marathon this year but she has had some niggles with her foot so we went for… Continue reading

Day 26-Red Wine, A Good Recovery Drink?

Today’s was always going to be a struggle to fit in (and to do after yesterday’s high) so I decided to hitch a lift back with my study friend to her house and… Continue reading

Day 25-Short and Very Sweet

“100, 100, I have reached 100” Yippee!!!!!!   Today’s stats: Distance: 3.22 miles Time: 27 mins 40 secs And just incase you missed it………. Janathon Total to Date is………….. 100 miles

Day 24-Pilates

So after yesterday’s ‘wide awake’ run I hoped to wake up nice and refreshed…..or maybe not.  We were nearly all late for school as ‘Mummy’ couldn’t move her arse out of bed!  But… Continue reading

Day 23-Umm very tired!

Thank you very much for your suggestions yesterday.  I shall be looking them all up over the next couple of days to give me a new focus come February and maybe actually follow… Continue reading

Day 22-A Question

Where as I would do a short recovery run today(round the block) to complete my aim I set off for my 3 miles.  I’m quite pleased/surprised that my legs managed to do it… Continue reading