Life Experiences

Two weeks ago I fell while running. It was a beautiful day and I was running with a friend through the woods. Unfortunately I tripped and fell onto my ankle. I heard a… Continue reading

It’s been a LOOONNG time!

Wow it’s been over 2 years, how time flies! No excuses, just writing has been low on my priorities.  So what has happened……… First things first and probably the main reason I stopped… Continue reading

Marathon Training

Less than two weeks to go and provided I don’t do anything silly I will be running Brighton Marathon. I’m very excited and looking forward to the day(taper madness obviously hasn’t kicked in… Continue reading

Marathon schedule

Thank you for all of your helpful comments on marathon schedule. 11 weeks to go now until Brighton, I have finally decided which schedule that I’m going to follow. I downloaded a few… Continue reading


It has been a manic day, not in a bad way but no running has been done, not even in a let’s pretend I ran while getting the little ones to school quickly,… Continue reading


Ok, nearly done with snow. Very pretty, have got LOTS of pictures but now it’s affecting my running. Did 2.5 slippery miles luckily without slippy knickers to distract 😉 Yippee, I got a… Continue reading

Sports massage

Today I had my first sports massage in MONTHS!! As some of you will know this is particularly disgraceful considering what I do. I felt soo much lighter and looser afterwards, must prioritise… Continue reading

Snowball fight

Today’s exercise-a HUGE snowball fight! Plenty of running was involved, chasing and getting away. A bit like sprint training. My little people are getting fast! One direct hit in hubbies face(the only ball… Continue reading


Very lovely day, kiddie stuff, catching up with my cousin and I did run to cross the road. That might have to count for today… its nearly midnight, I’ve had lots of wine… Continue reading

And the snow came…..

During January I am lucky enough to have abradypus‘s company for my long runs.  Yippee!!  Not sure what I’m going to do in February but hey that’s weeks away. We left today and… Continue reading